Tuesday, February 27

Explain why BI 2.0

What I know about BI 2.0 is this -- decision-centric business intelligence or as the IDC's recent trends report outlines (I would like to have the actual report to share with you, I really would but $4500 is more than I'm willing to spend), BI 2.0 is for customers interested in providing their employees with advanced decision support that solves specific business problems.

That's not really descriptive enough, so my BI 2.0 would:
  • track business events
  • make decisions in close to real-time
  • use SOA and Web 2.0 technologies
Then IDC goes on with a new term business analytics; "software for tracking, storing, analyzing, modeling, and delivering data in support of automating decision-making and reporting processes."

IDC says business analytics, I'm assuming the software, is the cornerstone for the newly emerging BI 2.0 concept -- giving us decision-centric BI. Sounds like this will give business people the automated support they need from their BI system!

But don't get juiced up just yet. These waters are muddy. Here are other statements muddying the market around BI 2.0:
  • BI 2.0 sounds similar to Enterprise Decision Mgmt: the automation and improvement of operational business decisions.
  • "It is also interesting to note that BI 2.0 is complementary and supportive of many of the requirements of BPM 2.0." - Craig Schiff's BPM article
  • "Operational analytics is a key component of the next wave of business performance management, as described in Craig Schiff's recent article Performance Management 2.0.
Could we confuse the market anymore? Luckily there are differences between market trends that last (maybe that's BI 2.0, for sure it is Web 2.0) and the fads that are shortterm that no one remembers (probably anything else ending in "2.0").


James said...

I think the whole BI 2.0 is interesting - so much so I have blogged a couple of times:
EDM and BI 2.0 and Intelligent Business Processes

Tom Hudock said...

Thanks James for posting links on EDM. I do want to clarify my comment in this post that "BI 2.0 sounds similar to EDM". The overlap (and only in terminology and perhaps marketing) is that BI 2.0 promotes automation of decisions, while EDM automates operational decisions.

What's the difference?

The difference that I see (and hope for) is BI 2.0's automated decisions will be at a strategic and business level. Helping management teams make decisions faster.

While I see EDM still at an operational systems level.


Tim Matthews said...

See my thoughts on this in my blog entry http://blogs.ipedo.com/integration_insider/2007/03/thoughts_on_bi_.html