Thursday, February 15

BI fights criminals with GIS

Sometimes generic reporting and analysis tools don't cut it. Sometimes you need more than Excel or a report or a cube.

You need Google Maps on steroids.

For some industries, people live and breath in a geospatial world where analysis of geographic layers is done. And now visually seeing the analysis & trends of a geospatial map can be done using your GIS tool.

Integeo developed a geospatial business intelligence tool, Map Intelligence, to integrate with GIS tools and BI tools.

The article shows how Police services analyzing various criminal codes (ie. murders, break & enters) is done graphically. Is there a correlation between drunk and disorderly behaviour and liquor stores? Where are the serious troublespots then overlay the city districts to determine where best to allocate police officers?

It seems geospatial business intelligence is another frontier yet to be broached by BI vendors.

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