Thursday, February 1

Oracle eyes Business Objects

More consolidation for the BI market is a foot.

Oracle's eyes are looking to takeover Business Objects. And there is also mention of IBM wanting to purchase Cognos.

If only I had a BI software company... Could be the right time to sell.


Will said...

Oracle really needs better BI products. Their front end user tools are terrible. I guess if you can't compete with 'em, then buy 'em.

Once bought, BO can then do decent reporting for all those other Oracle products that have terrible analytical reporting. ie. Peoplesoft.

Actually SAP/BW isn't a great product either. Costs way too much to build anything with reall business value.

Sorry for the rant, Tom, but BI from the big vendors need to be much better in my experience.

frank said...

Hi Tom,

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