Wednesday, September 20

BI detects fraud

Some of us are willing to pay anything to have chiropractors fix our necks and backs. Then there are those who scam insurance companies with false claims of injury. I'm assuming this is a big business if you want to be on that side of the law. Fighting back are insurance companies using BI to track down fraudulent claims and unethical chiropractors.

This is what BI should be doing. Focusing on how to right a wrong. Learning how to help people in society. Protecting a business from economic downturns. Increasing market share of a business. What contribution is your information providing you, your organization, or society?

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James Taylor said...

Interesting although using BI for "pay and chase" has been found by the US government to only repay pennies on the dollar when compared with using rules and inline analytics to assess incoming transactions as they happen. Check out this post on healthcare fraud for more details