Wednesday, August 9

Aussi rules for BI

Thanks to Alex Cook for this Austrailian Building Commission website that makes analysis of their performance measures available to the public. You can understand their business just from the intuitive nature of the website.

6 reasons why this is a great site for promoting successful BI:
  1. Users are the public so the drill down analysis needs to be dead simple.
  2. Defintions for each measure are explained clearly and concisely (and short).
  3. Seamless integration between the web user interface and BI tools.
  4. The analysis and reports are displayed using Web presentation best practices (BI vendors could learn here for their own Portal product offerings).
  5. Performance is relative; they compare to 16 headline measures.
  6. You don't know what BI tool is being used or even that you are using a BI tool.

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