Thursday, May 4

Modus operandi in the world of BI

McKinsey has just released, An executive take on the top business trends: A McKinsey Global Survey, in which "executives report an accelerating pace of change in an increasingly competitive business environment, driven by knowledge and information trends and the forces of globalization."

One of the factors that contributed to the accelerating pace of change was, "greater ease of obtaining information, developing knowledge". And 76% of executives recognized this as "very important" to the profitability of their business. BI should respond nicely to that need.

The executive respondents ranked the number one contributing factor to accelerating change was, "innovation in products, services, business models". An epiphany? Not really. But emphasizes the need for more than "good enough". More than the typical services. More than the same boring products. So we should be witnessing a buzz of innovative services and next generation BI products. Can you name any atypical companies being innovative? I was hard pressed to name more than a few.

Be valuable and noteworthy and create something new for your business. Take heart in the knowledge that "most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them." - Thoreau.

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