Monday, August 20

Search not found - BI videos lacking

Videos and the Internet... what an excellent way to get your name and company out there for all to see. Express your brand awareness. Gauge the market response of your new idea. Or simply be entertaining and go viral.

So I searched for entertaining BI videos on the usual sites. What I found lacking was entertaining, viral, innovative BI videos. Well, not exactly true. I did find this one, which lead me to the Swats site. More on this below... back to my rant.

Is BI really that boring?

Where are those creative-minded, marketing-inspired, forward-thinking, viral-focused people who can show how impressive BI can be? Are we not more than the sum of our software parts? More than moving data from point A to point B and performance reporting?

There are impressive examples out there about business improvement or increasing employee effectiveness, to name two. Where are the videos to energize us about these accomplishments.

In an attempt to inspire you, review Technorati's everything in the known universe about BI videos, albeit all from YouTube from what I can see.

Any videos, company ads, marketing campaigns, slogans, even jingles you care to share? Post a comment or send me an email.


Okay back to this Swats site, which is a bit corny but actually has videos. Their manifesto is to improve the IT experience for business users. They are trying to buck the negative IT stigma by following 7 initiatives:

  1. Align IT with business processes,

  2. Accelerate innovation,

  3. Facilitate decision making,

  4. Increase flexibility,

  5. Manage knowledge captial,

  6. Favor exchanges, and

  7. Guarantee trust.

They could be onto something. I'll let you make your own opinion on whether they will be successful (or even if they were entertaining).

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Robert said...

Hi Tom, I was just reading your Blog about not finding any decent BI videos on YouTube. Ironically, I posted a video case study of our new BI On-Demand product just last week. It tells the story of how InSinkErator is finally delivering the promise of their BI platform with our new Matrix On-Demand product.

The product provides easy to use (and create) dashboards, analysis, annotation, collaboration, web reports, scorecards, wireless alerts and location intelligence.

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Robert Lendvai
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