Thursday, April 27

Coming to a project near you

The open source movement is gaining speed within the BI space. The typical argument of open source vs proprietary talks about ownership costs and savings, operational and strategic alignment and legal violations, to name a few. I wonder if the same analysis is done when organizations are purchasing solely proprietary software?

Many times it comes down to the "trust" a company has. The result of mega cash and time spent on branding, marketing, and advertizing. Cognos. Microsoft. Informatica. Oracle. Well known names that come with a certain amount of trust, even prestige, and even envangelism. Does that "trust" give their products stability and quality?

The marketing babble aside, here is an open source company that is on the right track. Pentaho

And thanks to Joeseph and Clarise for providing these Pentaho podcasts.

And finally, a little news on Pentaho's growth.

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