Tuesday, October 7

BI in the year 2020

A theme heard throughout the Microsoft conference was "thinking bigger about BI". I'm not sure the people from companies who are struggling to get BI started were interested in thinking bigger but I can appreciate their visionary approach.

A panel discussion was setup with a group of senior Microsoft partners to discuss and debate where BI will be in the future, in the year 2020. Moderated by Bob Lokken, Senior Director of Business Intelligence for Microsoft, the panel included:
  • Greg Todd, Senior Executive, Accenture's Information Management Services practice
  • Andrew Horgett, Sr. Manager, Microsoft Alliance Team at Dell
  • Mike Fahey, Director, HP's Product Development
  • Todd Price, VP, Hitachi's National BI Practice
  • Terje Rugland, CTO, Profitbase

There were a couple comments about collaboration, social networking, and instant messaging but I would say that is a year or two away from mainstream. Not exactly 2020. They talked about data mining, optimization of the DW, and being proactive. Sigh. These are current topics being worked out by innovative companies today.

However here are the top 10 predictions/recommendations I gathered from the discussion. I'll let you comment on whether you feel these are in line with what you see.
  1. 90% of BI will be delivered on mobile devices.
  2. Much larger volumes of data, beyond terabytes, will need to be handled changing the hardware and software paradigm.
  3. Information will be managed by business professionals and not technology professionals.
  4. Do not listen to BI best practices that say "18 months to deliver" and "high costs for licenses/services". We need to think out of the box.
  5. Envision a new role within an organization called the Information Architect (based from a Data Architect). This person understands the entire life cycle of information from where it comes from to where it ends up.
  6. Better adoption of BI will happen when BI is integrated within productivity suites, like Office. BI will be an extension of business productivity.
  7. BI should not be packaged with ERPs because the role for BI should be to integrate disparate systems. However Performance Management should be packaged with ERPs.
  8. BI should be considered a service for business people.  Business is used to leveraging services already.  However IT is not yet matured to the point of understanding this role.
  9. SaaS BI's success will be based on two serious roadblocks: Data Quality and Data Security.
  10. Organizations will have 2 application footprints:  ERP systems for capturing information and IRP (information resource planning) systems for massaging and delivering information.

Did this help with your future BI plans and 5-year implementation roadmap?

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Business Intelligence Guy said...

As much as I love the idea, I still struggle to see business intelligence working with social networking. I just don't see the link

Tom Hudock said...

I understand what you're saying, BI Guy. Having a conversation around a specific report is not exactly exciting. And how would someone "socialize" a report anyway.


Business Intelligence Guy said...

Exactly Tom

And considering most business intelligence reports would be considered confidential within an organisation, that makes it even more pointless :-)