Thursday, July 10

BI has it all wrong?

The BI market is showing a flurry of innovation and new companies over the last year or so. Usually stale industries or high customer pain forces new ideas to come to fruition. Reading blogs of people who actually work on projects or companies that do BI, you can hear some of this pain.

So what can be done to make the experience for customers better? Well thanks Rick Rogers for the link to The Future of BI, by Tom Gonzalez. Some excellent insights and he may be onto something with his ideas for dashboards. May not solve all the problems, but every bit helps.


James Taylor said...

Blogged a response that I hope you will enjoy

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Tom Hudock said...

Thanks for your comment, James.

I agree, dashboards, analytics, charts, etc are presentation tools that require logic, automation, etc under the covers.

But some would say, "It's better to agree on a number and move forward, even if it's wrong, than spend countless hours arguing and analyzing to find the correct number."