Wednesday, March 12

You've got questions, they have answers instantly

Instantly may not be much of an exaggeration. One of my questions was answered in 16 seconds. You can ask anything. And they most likely will have an answer! Their motto:

"No one knows everything. Everyone knows something."

The Muchobene Instant Answers site allows any question to be asked. Muchobene then places you in contact with an appropriate person who can answer it within seconds. I must say, what a great concept! I may finally be able to win at Trivial Pursuit.

Here are screen shots from the conversation I had. And the great part is, you're conversing with someone (who-knows-where) with answers you need.

Initial screen waiting for that special someone to respond to my query.

My question about 'green' technology was responded to in 26 seconds.

Some pleasant conversation via instant messaging as he or she sends me more information.

And finally closing remarks, while I rank the response I received as "Right On!", five stars.

The possibilities are endless in my mind. Imagine customer support from your bank starting a conversation with you in seconds. Never being put on hold. No automated attendants.

Simply an instant connection to people who can answer your question. Thanks Guy Kawasaki for making this happen.


Anonymous said...

yeah I happen to use Muchobene too. It's a little light, but they're in their beta version so I forgive them. And anyway, it's already a million times better than what I was used to on answerbag, or worse yahoo answers, since it's instantaneous and you can chat back with the person, which you can't for both on answerbag or yahoo answers. The community seems pretty friendly too. Like I've never really been a big fan of anonymous chats (insults, spam..ect) but I have to admit that Muchobene hasn't yet to fail me on that yet.

Anonymous said...

I became a MuchoBene Answerer a few weeks ago. Anybody can do it. I only get maybe one question a day. Usually I don't know the answer and pass, but I'm always excited to get a question.