Sunday, January 27

Strategy & Leadership in January 2008

I came across Erin McCune's post on Leadership is Critical to Project Success on the Forte Financial blog. She references an earlier post of mine on Business vs IT (appreciated) but I would have to say she adds a more important educational component.

Thanks, Erin, for sending out that January 2008 Harvard Business Review is dedicated to Leadership & Strategy. Some of the HBR topics below could be interesting... guess I'll find out when I start reading on the weekend.

  • The New Leader's Guide to Diagnosing the Business

  • How Star Women Build Portable Skills

  • The Existential Necessity of Midlife Change

  • The Experience Trap

  • The Founder's Dilemma

And just before I left Erin's blog, I saw her latest post on XBRL tools making reporting easier. The tool she references "maps data stored in separate systems and proprietary formats into XBRL so that it is easy to share for reporting and analysis". Excellent idea for using an open standard.

The tool by Enterprise Engineering, Inc, is an XBRL-based analytical tool that makes it possible to compare a company’s income statement, balance sheet and other financial reports to peers and industries.

However, hard to find BI vendor tools that use the XBRL standard in a non-proprietary way.

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Diem said...

I agree leadership is critical in the success of the business. The leader should have a vision of the business and iron will to make it happen.

You might be interested in a documentary that presents the successes of real entrepreneurs, the Young Entrepreneur Society from the