Thursday, January 25

First BI mashup with Google Maps

Okay, being the first out of the gate with a new technology doesn't mean you will be the long term winner. But in this case, they could be. A mashup between BI and Google by using the open source, collaborative model gave Pentaho the edge they needed.

That collaborative model may also keep them the front-runners in the future. Instead of using only in-house IT people or consultants to build new products, the Open Source model uses hundreds and thousands of people outside of company walls, many of which are in the new Web 2.0 world, to design and build the next generation of software.

In this case, Pentaho mashed Google Maps with their graphical dashboards to display location-based metrics tied to geographic maps. And Google featured this as an innovative example in Google Code.

Here's an example,
"The combination of Pentaho’s charts and other graphically expressed metrics with visual geographic information can help companies rapidly identify regions associated with certain customer behaviors or spending patterns, (...) zero in on location-based business opportunities, and gain other insights that are difficult to see in a traditional report or spreadsheet."

So chalk this up as a win for the Open Source, collaborative model (and Pentaho, of course).

I'd like to continue with this topic of conversation and ask, "Have you come across other mashups that move BI closer to a Web 2.0 world?" Or know of new innovative features (or would like to suggest ideas for BI) that push the BI envelope to be more mobile, easy-to-use, or ways that would make BI utilized by more people within the organization? Let's hear from you.


SCarter said...


Better tools from BPM 2.0 would be good to see. Businesses need better ways for tracking and predicting business performance management.

And the vendors are responding by the recent consolidations and collaborations. Here's a few samples of what's happening in the BPM space:

Celequest Acquired

Microsoft and Teradata

Hyperion to buy Crystal Ball


Anonymous said...


I liked your later post on Instant Msging. That would have my vote for any vendor that can improve their tools using this.

The Web 2.0 world is about collaborating and sharing. Maybe its not the technology but the businesses (ie. people) that aren't ready for thinking about business differently. Maybe the senior people that could make the changes are too old and don't keep up with new stuff. Its' not always a technology problem. ;)